Papa D’s Wood Shed

Discover the Wooden Wonders of Our Workshop!

Unleash your inner forest spirit with our enchanting, one-of-a-kind creations!

Stroll in Style with our Magical EMDs

Say goodbye to boring, generic walking aids and hello to our whimsical Environmental Mobility Devices (EMDs). From gnarled walking staffs to enchanted canes, these wooden wonders will have you strutting through the forest like a mythical woodland creature.

Coasters That’ll Charm Your Guests

Tired of basic, boring coasters that can’t even hold a candle to your sparkling personality? Fear not! Our hand-carved wooden coasters will add a touch of rustic elegance to your home, while protecting your surfaces from unsightly water stains. Impress your friends with these nature-inspired masterpieces!

Decorate with Delightful Wood Spirits

Bring the great outdoors inside with our whimsical wood spirit wall decor. These charming, carved faces will watch over your home, filling every room with a sense of enchantment and wonder. Perfect for adding a playful, magical touch to any space!

Illuminate Your Life with Wooden Lamps

Ditch the dull, mass-produced lamps and let our handcrafted wooden lighting fixtures illuminate your world. From rustic to modern, each lamp is a unique work of art, guaranteed to cast a warm, cozy glow and spark joy in your heart.

All products exhibited below are for showcasing on the web. We do not sell these online as more often then not, by the time someone sees something they like, they are already sold at our local events, and each piece is unique, never the same twice. If you see something that you like, contact us and we can do our best to recreate, or make something custom for you.