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What do you do when you and everybody you know work remotely?
Well, you stop combing your hair before work, let the beards grow, and stop wearing pants to meetings, oh and come up with ideas to make awesome beard care products. After all, the working world has changed dramatically. Hey, as long as no one stands up to walk out of the room while the cam is still on, we’re all are good! Introducing high quality hand made beard oil and butter with 100% all natural ingredients, a light heart, and a bit of the novelty.
July 4th, 2020 we were sitting around the BBQ when one bearded fellow said to another bearded fellow , “you know, we should make beard care products, and men’s grooming products“. Fantastic idea! Two Beards Trading Post was born. No, not literally, the concept was initiated. It took a long drive for the wife and I to come up with ideas, or “Flavors” as we like to call them. Then voila, we started joking around with names of the beard oil recipes and butters for men’s whiskers. We laughed, and the names stuck!
Quite honestly Two Beards Trading Post is a dedication to 2 brothers that left this life too early.
Two Beards – we would sit and listen to tunes and come up with ideas for something different and joke about shit on many o’nights. And Myrtle – we shared the later years having deep discussions (also listening to tunes) on what we could do differently.
Brothers, this is for you. I hope we can build it up like we use to talk about. Not that we had Beard oils in mind, but hell, beards are what we do best, and naturally. I salute you both!

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